First middle school *******?

Answer well first of all how old are you?

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Things to Have Ready for a Middle School Classroom on the First Day of School?

Middle school students are intellectually curious, and they often exhibit a strong willingness to learn and to apply their creative and critical skills. Yet students at this age are often distracte... Read More »

Middle School Activities for the First Week of School?

At the beginning of a new school year, middle school students are buzzing with energy, eager to socialize with one another and ready to see what their new classes are like. Use the first week of sc... Read More »

Classroom Activities for the First Day of School in Middle School?

Starting the first day in a new grade can wear on the nerves of middle-schoolers. Help break the ice to alleviate fears and nervousness by incorporating activities that the whole classroom can enjo... Read More »

Hairstyles for the first day of middle school?

5'6!?? wooow. i'm only 5'3 and i'm in 8th grade...haha wow. anyway try curling it then running through it with your hands and scrunching it a bit. then do an half up half down hairstyle and tie it ... Read More »