First injury on parkour after a year of training?

Answer Its important to realize that in parkour we don't just overcome physical objects but mental obstacles as well. So think of this injury as just another problem to solve, another wall to climb if you... Read More »

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How to Start Parkour Training Without Tutors?

Parkour is a complex movement to get from two points using various moves and positions, and has been a favoured act amongst Assassin's Creed fans. Attempting parkour before you are properly trained... Read More »

Broke my ankle in a hit and run a few years ago, i recently aggravated the in injury can i go weight training?

Adding extra weight to your body would count as putting pressure on it, so yes. It should be safe to do it sitting or lying down, though. But either way, the more you move around the more damage yo... Read More »

What is the percentage or number of training related deaths per year in American military airborne training?

It depends on what you want to do. CCTs act as pathfinders, in the sense that they create forward airfields and coordinate aircraft within a combat zone. In a bind, CCTs can call in close air suppo... Read More »

What could be the cause of a swollen area on 4 year old daughter's back appears to be on top of her spine and there has been no known injury.?