First injury on parkour after a year of training?

Answer Its important to realize that in parkour we don't just overcome physical objects but mental obstacles as well. So think of this injury as just another problem to solve, another wall to climb if you... Read More »

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How to Start Parkour Training Without Tutors?

Parkour is a complex movement to get from two points using various moves and positions, and has been a favoured act amongst Assassin's Creed fans. Attempting parkour before you are properly trained... Read More »

Can you join the army after you quited basic training last year?

You can apply, and accept employment while still on active duty, but you won't be able to actually begin work until separated, retired or on terminal leave. Many members who are retiring actually b... Read More »

How long after having 4 teeth pulled will an 11 year old girl be able to resume training for the swimming championships?

Answer She must avoid all exertion for 2 days, to avoid raising her blood pressure. She could resume training after 1 week, provided that she feels well.

Does garden manure&compost disintegrate after the first year?

Manure and compost do not disintegrate after the first year. Both add organic matter to the soil that improves the soil structure. The nutrients contained in manure and compost are depleted over ti... Read More »