First important farming tool used to break soil?

Answer the plow

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Can gypsum be used to break up clay soil?

If hard clay soil makes it difficult to garden, gypsum is the answer. According to, adding gypsum to garden soil will not produce results overnight. However, with repeated application... Read More »

What type of farming consists of using ashes to fertilize the soil?

slash and burnby adding nourishment for plantsOrganic farming can also use ashes as a soil additive. Be very careful about using ashes as a fertilizer; know the source that the ashes came from. Do ... Read More »

When a urinal water seal trap has a stoppage what tool is used first to try to clear the stoppage?

Answer Buy your self a cheap snake in the local hardware store, and make a small bend about 1/2 inch after the spring part make it look like a bend finger and snake away.

Fertilizers Used in Farming?

Know what goes into growing your food to decide if the extra cash spent on organic produce is really worth the expense. Fertilizers used in farming come from three basic sources and are subjected t... Read More »