First date outfit ideas?

Answer well if you want to create a good impression, dont show everything you me, less is more..i was completely covered one night at a club i went to (long sleeved shirt, pants, Read More »

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What do you think about this outfit for a date?

No tights. The dress is quite a light dress so wear it with the white keds and you will look cute but casual!

Which outfit would be better for a first date pics?

Yahoo gurrrl, I am very suprised by these choices. Since you are so sought after in India, I really thought you'd go for one of these.…Where those white la... Read More »

Is this a cute date outfit?

yeah. the shirt is short but to make up for it you have a sweater. Sexy and classy at the same time. As long as you wear the sweater and thats not overdressed up which you wouldnt want to do.. its ... Read More »

How to Choose an Outfit for a First Date?

Go for two outfit color options, at least for the first date. Opt for wearing the color that you know that you look best in and/ or black. You can’t go wrong with one of these options. Everyone ... Read More »