First computer?

Answer Ah... 1K of ram, input was via paper tape reader on a teletype, and ran at a whopping .5Mhz (or so.) The days of the Altair 680.I had to write a "mini BASIC" program in machine language and everyt... Read More »

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Which computer was the first major computer system to incorporate an all integrated circuit memory?

The first major computer system to incorporate an all-integrated circuit memory was IBM's System/360, introduced in 1964. With an initial investment of over $5 billion, IBM's System/360, a family o... Read More »

Who designed the first computer?

The computer developed over decades in many labs and workshops. Konrad Zuse built his Z1, the first electrical binary programmable computer, from 1936 to 1938, according to John V... Read More »

What was the first computer to use GUI?

The first GUI (or "graphical user interface") computer was developed by the Xerox Corporation in the 1970s. The computer was called "ALTO." Its use, however, did not become widespread until the 198... Read More »

How big was the first computer monitor?

The first computer had a built-in monitor which measured nine inches. It was on the Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor), which debuted in June 1977. The built-in-screen design was though... Read More »