First cavity filling :(?

Answer When they use the numbing gel first you hardly feel the needle at all and its just like getting a vaccine its a quick pinch and its done. You dont feel anything really when the needle is in. Don't ... Read More »

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How much pain is NORMAL after a cavity filling?

I have had that much pain after having several fillings done. It is going to be sore and hard to open because of all the time the mouth was held open for the dental work, and that will take a few d... Read More »

Sensitive tooth after cavity filling?

There are a few things this could be, but it's most likely just normal sensitivity. If you know what kind of a filling material the dentist used that can vary the length of time the sensitivity wi... Read More »

What hurts more A tattoo or a cavity filling?

Hmm, well I've not had a tattoo done before but I've had a few fillings. The shot hurts for like a second. The fillings were no big deal for me. I think you will be just fine.

Feeling weird after cavity filling?

It is a reaction of the body to the unnatural, shocking situation. I had the same thing.It should be getting to normal in one or two days. If it does not, see your dentist.Good luck!