First black contestant on tv game show is dating game?

Answer This is the well known Monty Hall problem, named after the presenter of a TV game show which presented players with this dilemma.For a good explanation of the background and winning strategy, see t... Read More »

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What serial killer was a contestant on the Dating Game TV show?

Before his appearance on the popular TV show The Dating Game in 1978, serial killer Rodney Alcala had already been convicted of the rape of an eight year old girl and had committed the murders of f... Read More »

What TV sex symbol appeared as a contestant on The Dating Game but wasn't chosen?

Several celebrities appeared on "The Dating Game," but the best known sex symbol, especially to have not been picked, was Tom Selleck. Among the others to appear were John Ritter, Andy Kaufman, and... Read More »

A game show contestant won a prize by pushing a bowling ball 20m using her nose The amount of work done is 1470J How much force did the contestant exert on the ball?

you have to get applications i cant find eny at the minute

How do you become a game show contestant?

Yes. Some Georgia Superintendent won the million dollar question: Who was the longest reining British Monarch? She answered: Queen Victoria and it was Correct!