First Time Shaving Questions I'm 13.?

Answer I have darker brown hair, so it's more noticeable, so I shave every 2 days to cover it up (unless I want to grow it out)... I'm 17 by the way.If you weren't using shaving cream it will get pretty i... Read More »

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First Time Shaving... I'm 13.?

Ok so even though Im a girl, Ive been shaving for a while and I can answer your questions!1- Its probably because it was your first time, if this continues, check your products to see if they work ... Read More »

First time shaving pubic hair, very uncomfortable after shave, itching and redness, any ideas on how to solve?

Instead of using a straight blade or mulitple blade razor use a beard trimmer. Cleans up nicely and doesn't cause bumps or razor burn. Clipping your skin can happen but don't freak out. It will ble... Read More »

Questions on First Time Motorcycle?

First off Way to go. Its a smart Idea to take a riding course. I have ridden all of my life and had to take it for insurance purposes at the Harley dealership. I came out with added knowledge. So a... Read More »

Questions from a first time drinker?

You don't need alcohol at fourteen. I would recommend learning how to spell and use proper punctuation.