First Time Shaving... I'm 13.?

Answer Ok so even though Im a girl, Ive been shaving for a while and I can answer your questions!1- Its probably because it was your first time, if this continues, check your products to see if they work ... Read More »

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First Time Shaving Questions I'm 13.?

I have darker brown hair, so it's more noticeable, so I shave every 2 days to cover it up (unless I want to grow it out)... I'm 17 by the way.If you weren't using shaving cream it will get pretty i... Read More »

How to Save Time by Shaving in the Shower?

This article is about shaving the face in the shower. Shaving the face in the shower saves time and water. It can even yield a better shave than using the sink.

How to Keep Your Legs Smooth for a Long Period of Time Without Shaving?

Shaving is not the most efficient way to remove leg hair. Most people have to shave multiple times a week to maintain smooth legs, and the process can be time-consuming and even painful to those wi... Read More »

I tries shaving my legs without shaving cream ( normal razor not electric) and my leg burns REALLY bad.?

Been there, done that. It's called razor burn, dear. Now that you've done it this one, you won't make that mistake again! Try a lotion on them now, preferable one without perfumes or scents. It... Read More »