First Period Tips?

Answer Getting your first period can be scary. It can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. When a girl becomes a preteen, or sometimes even a little younger, it's time to start discussing her... Read More »

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I got my first period today! any tips?

uh no sweetie I think you're set! Maybe some pads if you don't like tampons but other than that...=D congrats!

What does it mean when u get ure first period and u didnt get your second period and its been 6 months now?

Hi heatherr,The first period probably wasn't actually the begining of her cycle.It is quite normal for a girl to have what is known as a stray period and then have nothing for up to a year, It work... Read More »

Will you get your first period and find out on your next period when you are 5 or 6 weeks pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer I'm sorry, this question doesn't make sense to me. You should resubmit it with a little more detail and write it a bit different. It will be easier to answer your question then. ... Read More »

If you have been taking BC for 4 months and your period has always come once you have taken the first inactive pill and you missed one pill and now your period hasn't come can you be pregnant?

Answer That is a possibility since birth control pills are not 100% effective.