First Grade Student Editing Checklist?

Answer First grade students are learning to compose sentences to form stories. The first grade teacher can devise a writing or editing checklist to correct students' writing projects, and make sure they c... Read More »

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Editing & Revision Checklist for the Third Grade?

Children in the third grade are often more concerned with the grammatical accuracy of their writing than they are with the content. They are becoming more aware of spelling and grammar inconsistenc... Read More »

10 Step Essay Editing Checklist?

Effectively editing an essay requires a fundamental understanding of the essay's subject matter and audience, as well as a firm command of the English language. While there are no precise rules for... Read More »

An Editing Checklist for Subject-Verb Agreement?

Subject-verb disagreement occurs when the subject of a sentence, the noun that performs an action, and the verb, the action the noun performs, disagree in number. This means a plural noun must take... Read More »

Editing Activities for 4th Grade?

If you want your students to learn the editorial process, then make it a rewarding experience for them. You can teach fourth grade students to successfully edit their own work and the work of thei... Read More »