First Grade Assessment Tools?

Answer First-grade assessments not only give parents and families a report of student progress, but the results also give teachers an idea of the level of content the students have learned and how effecti... Read More »

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Fluency Assessment Tools for the Second Grade?

Fluency in reading refers to being able to read at normal speed, with normal expression and accuracy. Fluency and comprehension in reading go hand-in-hand. Fluency is important in both reading sile... Read More »

Grade 6 Social Studies Assessment Tools?

Assessment tools are used not only in sixth-grade social studies but in all facets of learning, all age or grade levels and for all types of assessments--summative and formative, projects and tradi... Read More »

Everyday Assessment Tools for Teachers of Grade Three Science?

In the third grade, many students receive their first introduction to major topics in science, including the orbiting of the planets, the movement of celestial bodies through the sky, the needs of ... Read More »

Assessment Tools for ESL?

Assessing teacher and student performance is a valuable exercise in any learning environment. It is particularly important for measuring results in English as a second language (ESL) courses, becau... Read More »