First Day of School Projects for First Grade?

Answer The first day of school can cause butterflies for most students, especially first-graders. Special activities can help alleviate anxiety while building community. First day of school projects for f... Read More »

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2nd Grade School Projects?

Guide second-grade students through projects that help them build on their basic skills. Many kids at this age are still beginning readers, and some will struggle with writing as their hand-eye coo... Read More »

5th Grade School Projects?

Fifth grade is a formative year for many elementary school pupils. As they prepare to enter their pre-teen years, pupils are interested in improving the world around them and are able to handle com... Read More »

School Projects for 6th Grade?

By the sixth grade, pupils are making incredible jumps in math, science, social studies and language arts proficiency. With fluency in each subject, pupils begin to formulate unique opinions and id... Read More »

7th Grade School Projects?

Seventh grade marks the midpoint of a student's middle school career. Students are commonly 12 or 13 years old when they enter seventh grade. The seventh-grade year marks the ability, for example, ... Read More »