First Arabic-Malayalam magazin?

Answer I'm not sure if they expire but if you see scratches or dents, you would have to change them.

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How to Read Malayalam?

Malayalam is a Dravidian language with approximately 36 million speakers around the world, according to the Ethnologue language report. The majority of Malayalam speakers live in the Indian state ... Read More »

How to Learn the Malayalam Language?

Malayalam is a Dravidian language and is spoken throughout India, Kerala and Lakshadweep. Malayalam uses an alphabet in its written form and does not consist solely of single characters. This means... Read More »

Which Arabic writer was known as a dean of Arabic literature?

Taha Hussein (1889- 1973) nicknamed "the dean of Arabic literature"

How can you convert English stories to Malayalam?

using a English to Malayalam translation dictionary or taking help from someone who knows both the language