Firewire express cards?

Answer…There is one for $44.99. Probably only $30 because either 1. They got a good deal and want to share it, or 2. It is used.

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Will PCI Express 2.0 cards work in a PCI Express 16x slot?

Yes, PCI Express 2.0 is backwards compatible with PCI Express 1.0 and 1.1, which includes cards that utilize the 16x bus. A PCI Express 2.0 16x slot has a maximum bandwidth of 8,000 MB/s.References... Read More »

How to Install FireWire Cards?

A Firewire card (also called an "IEEE1394" card) is an internal desktop computer card that adds Firewire ports to the computer. These Firewire ports allows for the transfer of digital information f... Read More »

Are firewire cards supported by firestudio project?

Yes, the 24bit/96k PreSonus Firestudio Project recording system is compatible with firewire (IEEE 1394) cards. However, your computer must also meet the minimum requirements as listed on the Firest... Read More »

Can PCI cards go in PCI Express slots?

Standard peripheral component interconnect (PCI) computer expansion cards cannot be connected to PCI Express ports. PCI and PCI Express are different technologies and the ports are different sizes,... Read More »