Fireplace Christmas Decorating Ideas?

Answer Fireplaces are a primary focal point in any room and provide ample space to display stylish holiday decorations. You can decorate the mantle, sides, chimney and/or firebox to create as simple or el... Read More »

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Decorating Ideas for Fireplace TVs?

The development of flat screen TVs has made arranging your family room much easier for rooms with limited space. One popular way to use a flat screen TV in a small space is to hang the TV above the... Read More »

Rock Fireplace Decorating Ideas?

Coveted as a source of heat home heat and often a sign of class, fireplaces have been prevalent as features in homes since Victorian times. According to fireplace experts at, the abi... Read More »

Stone Fireplace Decorating Ideas?

Decorate around your stone fireplace to complement the style and decor in the room, as well as enhance the fireplace. Fireplaces typically serve as a natural focal point and can set the tone for th... Read More »

Home Decorating Ideas for a Fireplace Mantel?

As a focal point in any room with a fireplace, a fireplace mantel offers great decorating potential. While a fireplace itself imbues the room it's in with a certain grace, a well-decorated mantel c... Read More »