Firefox screen too small.?

Answer Lower the screen resolution of the monitor(check default native resolution setting of your monitor from monitor manual).Rightclick on desktop,click properties, settings,lower screen resolution.If y... Read More »

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Does a big screen tv use more electricity than a small screen tv?

A large television screen will use more power than a small one although the difference isn't great. A television uses power to process the incoming signals and prepare them to be sent to the displa... Read More »

How do i fix the screen size on my firefox browser?

Go to the top of your screen and click on "view". The following options are available under the "view" tab: try "zoom" then try "page style" and then try "full screen", if none of these things wor... Read More »

How to Create More Screen Space in Firefox?

This article will teach you how to free some screen space in Firefox in order to make navigation easier and more comfortable!

How to Start Firefox in Full Screen Mode on Snow Leopard?

Firefox is a popular open-source web browser developed by Mozilla. Many users prefer Firefox because of its speed and customization options. Among these options is the ability to use the browser in... Read More »