Firefox opens up new tabs when I click on links?

Answer It sounds like one of your CTRL keys on your keyboard maybe stuck down. Have you got "Sticky Keys" enabled, it's a feature in Control Panel, in the Accessibility Options. It sticks keys down like... Read More »

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Mozilla Firefox 13, 14 has tabs problem. Do you have this problem too Blank tabs when session restored?

In Tools> Options> General> Startup: do you have "Show my windows and tabs from last time" displayed in the very top line?Also, under "Tabs", uncheck "Don't load tabs until selected".As a possible ... Read More »

When I click control, Internet Explorer opens?

It means brace for a big hug from Auntie, darling.I'm a computer professional with 12 years in software can trust me...I know error messages.((((((((((Zilla))))))))))See? I was ri... Read More »

Google chrome opens a new window when I click on a button.?

Click the spanner icon at the top right> In box that opens click onto settings >Where is says "On Start Up" UNtick the 2 where it says "Open the New Tab page" & "Continue where I left off" ...Make ... Read More »

How to Turn Off Sound When Firefox Opens a New Website?

Some websites start playing audio when you visit the site. If you're in a quiet environment like a library or office, visiting these sites could annoy the people around you. If the audio that start... Read More »