Firefox keeps crashing problems?

Answer It sounds like one of the extensions or plug-ins might be corrupt. An easy method is to completely uninstall Firefox and re-install it. Failing that try this. With the browser running, click the Fi... Read More »

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Firefox Keeps Crashing... :/ ...?

Registry cleaners are almost always scams. The "trusted" link above listing one of the cleaners is also a scam. These products do nothing but cause harm to your computer 9 times out of 10. An alter... Read More »

;;How can i stop my adobe flash player from keep on crashing..?

uninstall the program... go to control panel > add/remove programs > and remove the program... and reinstall it....… or use the troubleshooting links on t... Read More »

Problems With Mozilla Firefox 3.0?

Firefox is a free Web browsing application created by Mozilla. As of May 2010, the current version of Firefox is 3.6, but many users may still have the older 3.0 version installed. Firefox 3.0 had ... Read More »

Problems with Firefox before and after the 3.6 update?

I was getting that issue also but my problem had to do with the security system I had, it had incompatibility issues with it. I would definitely advise reverting back to the earlier version of fire... Read More »