Firefox is saying Google is untrusted connection?

Answer I think your time settings may vary. Correct your system time before log in into internet.

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Why is my computer so slow when its saying i have good connection?

Computers run very slow sometimes due to many reasons. Such that: many background programs running, system performance will be regulated by the C drive. Low capacity of RAM. If the computer has unn... Read More »

Itunes could not connect to the itunes store The network connection timed out. make sure your network settings are correct and your connection is active-how do I make it quit saying this?

by making sure that your network settings are correct and your connection is active ;) iTunes uses windows internet connection options. Open Internet Explorer Select "Tools" menu "Internet Optio... Read More »

I keep trying to download apps on installous but it keeps saying either connection failed or unexpected content how do you fix?

I had the same problem.. I just deleted all the other downloads I had in installous and it seemed to fix the problem.. give that a try

Firefox or google chrome?

Google documents everything you do, whether you allow them, or not. Use Firefox, because it is a lot more customizable, and you can surf in complete privacy......