Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer?

Answer Got all 3 of thosei preferred firefox…

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What are some good web browsers other than internet explorer, firefox, safari, or opera?

Avant BrowserCaminoFirebirdFirefoxGoZillaInternet ExplorerMaxthonMozillaNetscapeOperaSafariSeaMonkeySlimBrowser

Out of Mozilla Firefox 3.5.6,Internet Explorer 8,Opera,Safari and Google Chrome which is best in speed?

I have tried many browsers and to me the best and more secure is Firefox, but I currently use Opera 10 because is the most fun to use and it has many little details that make my life easier try it... Read More »

Which in your technical opinion is better of Maxthon, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome?

I'm afraid I've never used Maxthon or Opera so I can't render an opinion on those. Of the remaining three I like Firefox the best. Here's why:Internet Explorer has lingering security problems. True... Read More »

Which is the best internet browser Is it IE 6,7, FireFox, Opera, SeaMonkey ?

flockfirefox is good as well never heard of SeaMonkey.