FireWire alternative?

Answer Yes you can get a usb device that will work, check with your local computer store and they will help you... You will need more than 15 dollars, but find out how much you will need so you can save u... Read More »

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Is there firewire 2 USB cable I got a webcam that can be cnncted to PC by firewire but PC dsnt has that port?

There's NONE! Only way is Either you get a pci or Ext capture card with firewire ports or other external device (which is more expensive) like a camcorder with usb(with pass through capability).Bes... Read More »

Why do some people use the ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE category to constantly defame any alternative medicine answers?

The attitude of some people here who believe that others have no capacity to judge for themselves is quite condescending.I have the ability to discern thus I am not afraid to look at any informatio... Read More »

Need a firewire?

well im pretty sure their is a such thing as 4 min male to 6 pin.but u could also just go and get a 4 pin to 6 pin at like Radio shack or some local stores or go to ebay

What is a FireWire hub?

A FireWire hub is an external computer device with ports that allow a user to connect FireWire cables and FireWire compatible devices to the computer. Similar to USB, FireWire is an interface betwe... Read More »