Fire fox How do you go about opening new tabs?

Answer you should go to firefox and click on file then click on new tab..

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Google Chrome opening new tabs, How to turn off ?

first of all can go to the Chrome setting and click help icon all information u can collect about this topic.Thank u

Opening internet explorer 8 opens my homepage in 3 different tabs and I dont know why?

just change your homepage settings back to what they were before. Open the internet, under TOOLS (the circle shaped thing or the wrench), click INTERNET OPTIONS, and in the homepage box, highlight ... Read More »

Fire Fox will stop opening up webpages Please Read the whole question?

Most likely its a faulty add-on. Go to tools... add-ons and disable all of them and try again. The likely culprit is AVG Firefox search bar. First thing to do is get rid of AVG. Check its rating... Read More »

How do i make my tabs have color ont hem (the tabs on the internet thing)?

Its in setting. u need to search the software to download and run it then whenever u tab cour come out... Good Luck try find in website k ^.-Vote me! ^.^