Fire by touch on shotgun free?

Answer go to launch shotgun and grab the shotgun and pull it back and pull it forward then press the trigger

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How do you get touch grind on ipod touch for free?

you would have to jailbreak your iPod (got to any ipod forums to find out how to do that) then you would need the installer appplication which i have no idea how to do thatTRUE SOLEHHH

On the text free app for ipod touch is it always free or does it cost money at some point?

Text plus is an awesome app. completely free. I would get text free with voice. You then can call and text and that is free too. You have to send at least 1 text a month in order to keep your numbe... Read More »

Kindle Fire or Ipod Touch(16 GB)?

The current version of Kindle Fire is sold out now.…Amazon is having press conference on September 6th, 2012 to launch newer models. Read More »

What oils ignite on touch of fire?

Define your terms, please. There are a great many petroleum-based fluids that will ignite at what is known as their critical temperature. But starting at the top: Methane: Gas at room temperature. ... Read More »