Fire ant bite, is it serious?

Answer No, you are not having an allergic reaction, you are having a normal reaction.Wash the bubble well and pat dry and apply neosporin several times a day. If it isn't any better in several days, or g... Read More »

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Is it a spider bite if so is it serious?

Spider bites don't look like pimples or abscesses.No, they are not usually serious, just wash with HOT water, and if they rupture or drain, use a topical antibiotic.In very rare cases, these can be... Read More »

Is my tick bite serious or infected?

There's always a concern with tick bites that it may have been one that carries Lyme Disease. You may just be having an allergic reaction to the bite or it may be infected causing cellulitis which ... Read More »

Human bite serious question?

go to the hospital now....i wouldn't even necisarally worry about the germs....i would worry that he severed a nerve

FIRE ANT BITE!!! can i still play tennis?