Fire Wire Cable?

Answer I just ran in to the same problem, I had to got to Comp USA, any computer store would have the same stuff though. Their experts told me that the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) cable has to be purchased separ... Read More »

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Where Do i get a Fire Wire Cable?

Is coax cable, the basic wire in every home, a digital or analog wire?

Coaxial cable can carry electrons at high speed and those electrons can be used by either digital or analog systems, depending on how they were sent and how they are decoded. It is only a transmis... Read More »

How do you connect a 3 wire s-video cable to a 4 wire s-video cable?

S-video carries two signals and requires two co-ax cables to connect them. There is no standard three wire S-video connection. Having said that, it is possible that a manufacturer has decided to pr... Read More »

How to Make a Fire With a Battery & Wire?

Fire means warmth, light, cooked food and protection, so knowing how to provide it for yourself in all circumstances is important information. There are not many experiences more miserable than hav... Read More »