Fire Safety Prevention Activities?

Answer Knowing what to do in case of a fire is important for young children. They need to know how to stay safe and get out of a building long before a fire ever happens. A short fire safety unit can go a... Read More »

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Fire Prevention & Safety Activities for Preschool?

While preschool students are generally just in class to learn how to be around other kids and to follow instructions, it is also a good time to lay the ground works for safety. Teaching the kids th... Read More »

Roof Fire Prevention & Safety?

A fire on the roof is often the starting point for a fire that can threaten an entire home. Roof fires can be caused by faulty chimneys, sparks from nearby brush fires, or even poor wiring in the a... Read More »

Pre-K Activities About Fire Prevention?

Children at the pre-kindergarten or preschool level need to understand the importance of preventing fires, not playing with fire and what to do if a fire occurs. Teachers of pre-kindergarten-age ch... Read More »

Fire Prevention Week Activities for Kindergarten?

Fire Prevention Week offers an opportunity to teach kindergarten students basic safety tips. A variety of hands-on activities about fire safety give the children an understanding of how to prevent ... Read More »