Fire Evacuation Information?

Answer In the U.S., an average of 3,625 people die in fires annually, while an average of 18,765 are injured. Having a fire evacuation plan for your home or business with regular fire drills can help cut ... Read More »

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Fire Evacuation Safety?

Having a plan for fire evacuation is the first step in ensuring that you and others escape a fire without being injured. Fire drills help you remember what to do in case of a fire. Having a fire ex... Read More »

How to Pack for a Fire Evacuation?

Fire bags are useful, hopefully unnecessary, but good to have. Here is what to pack.

Fire Evacuation Plans for Preschools?

Teaching young children fire safety is of utmost importance. The sooner they are aware of the dangers of fire and how to handle a fire situation, the safer they will be if the need ever arises. Chi... Read More »

Fire Evacuation Plans for Schools?

Schools must be prepared for any type of emergency and thus prepare their students as well. While no one ever expects something bad to happen, it is always better to be ready just in case. Schools ... Read More »