Fire Doors in Schools?

Answer Buildings in the United States have fire doors that are labeled as such. They provide a means to contain the spread of a fire, and they allow occupants of the building to get out of it. The Nationa... Read More »

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Do exit doors need to be fire rated?

Exit doors need to be fire rated. For a building with three or fewer floors, the exit doors should be fire rated for one hour. For more floors, they should have a two-hour fire resistance rating.So... Read More »

Are gates on front doors a fire hazard?

On One Hand: Gates Can Be a HazardAlthough gates on the front door of a home or apartment are often installed as a security measure to prevent intruders, they can also pose a serious hazard in a fi... Read More »

Can you close the glass doors on a fireplace while a fire is burning?

You can close the glass doors while the fire is burning, but you loose the benefit of the radiant heat. The time to close the doors is when starting the fire and when letting it burn out in order t... Read More »

A game-show host has placed a car behind one of three doors There is a goat behind each of the other doors First you point toward a door he says Then I'll open one of the other doors to reveal?

the answer is switch because when you first pick you have a 1/3 chance of getting the car and a 2/3 chance of picking a goat, when the host opens up one of the other doors with a goat there is now ... Read More »