Finger won't stop bleeding. Numb and bruised immedietly ?

Answer A bruise is the result of blood leaking from broken blood vessels below the skin. The bruising will typically go away in ten days to two weeks on its own. Since you're talking about a puncture wo... Read More »

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Cut on finger. wont stop bleeding?

lift your finger higher than your head for 1 hour.

Just cut finger with a knife seems that it wont stop bleeding?

Try a "liquid band-aid." It is a bottle of liquid that will air dry on your skin and seal the wound. It works great. It works much better than a regular band-aid. (Although it stings like hell when... Read More »

My arm wont stop bleeding!?

take a warm cloth and put it on your wound and apply preassure. try that for 5-10 min but uhh you may want to do that while your waiting in the ER. call the doctor asap

My finger won't stop bleeding?

Usually when you cut yourself with a razor they are only surface cuts and for some reason these cuts tend to bleed more than others. You need to apply pressure to the area or else the bleeding wont... Read More »