Finger Wave How To's?

Answer Finger waves, which are rolling, sculpted hair waves, are simple to do once you learn the technique. They also typically require no extra styling equipment beyond gel and hair spray. Read a few tip... Read More »

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How to Set a Finger Wave?

Finger waves, or finger curls, first gained popularity in the 1920s and 30s as a way to soften the look of bobbed hairstyles. More recently, finger waves are regaining popularity among those inter... Read More »

How to do a finger wave in my hair?

I learned how to do mine on youtube. GO to:… to learn really quickly like I did.

How to finger wave hair?

these are the best instructions i've found anywhere. just click anywhere on the page to move forward. good luck, have fun! Source(s):…

How to finger wave hair.?

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