Finger Cleaning Tools?

Answer Your fingernails, which are made up of protein layers (or keratin), stay healthy when they are properly cleaned and maintained. Clean and well-manicured nails give your fingers and hands an overall... Read More »

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Tools Used for Finger Waves?

Finger waves, recognizable by perfect S-shaped waves featuring sharp, crisp ridges and softly curved valleys, have shown up on fashion runways since the 1920s. Unlike other styles, finger waves hav... Read More »

Grease burned my finger when cleaning grill, skin came off, just flesh exposed?

Yikes!It sounds like a second-degree burn to me...which can take between 2-6 weeks to completely heal.You need to take special care that you are cleaning your burn several times a day with anti-bac... Read More »

Carb Cleaning Tools?

A carburetor, or "carb" as it is called in mechanic shorthand, is a mechanical device that regulates the combination of air and gasoline. Carbs are used in many simple internal combustion engines, ... Read More »

Tooth Cleaning Tools?

Good oral health is a necessity, because you only get one set of permanent teeth. Twice a year your dentist treats you to a deep-down clean that leaves your teeth feeling smooth and your mouth feel... Read More »