Finding a SCAN I just did.?

Answer Open your scanner software and look in the preferences and see where the scans are saved to.The default is probably your Documents folder.

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What exactly is a CT scan is it a whole body scan or just used on a specific area?

An IV contrast medium is sometimes given, the dye is injected to high- light certain parts of the body that are being scanned, you won't feel anything, maybe at most just a 'warm rush' sensation an... Read More »

After finding an infection in a virus scan how do u go about removing it?

Update your anti-virus, remember to only have one anti-virus installed on your PC… [Free home edition]Download SuperAntiSpywarehttp://www.superantispyware... Read More »

Hii everyone!! i just need help in finding out where i can buy his oil ?

At health food store. I like the NOW and aura casia brands. They are easy to find.

Ive just started driving and Im finding it really difficult to drive at night due to other cars' lights...?

Part of your problem may be that you are seeing the lights of the vehicles behind you reflected in your rear view mirror. This can cause a lot of distraction.However, your mirror has a little plast... Read More »