Find the solution set for:?

Answer Wrong category but i will still answer this.There are 3 possibilities:1- divide both sides by (3x^2+6x) which gives you: 2x-5 < 0 and ultimately, x < 5/2 ---- (i)2- Divide both sides by (2x-5) whic... Read More »

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How to Find the pH of a Solution Given the Molarity?

In a solution, pH is the measure of the acidity or basicity of the solution. Pure water, having a pH of 7.0 at 25 degree Celsius is said to be neutral. Solutions with a pH less than seven are said ... Read More »

How to Graph and Find the Solution on a Calculator?

Graphing calculators are one way to help students understand the relationship between graphs and the solution of a set of equations. The key to understanding that relationship is knowing that the e... Read More »

Find the solution to the differential equation dy/dx=(y-16x)/8x?

You have:dy/dx = (y - 16x)/(8x)dy/dx -y/(8x) = -2This is a linear, first-order equation that can be solved using an integrating factor, p(x):p(x) = exp(INTEGRAL of {-1/(8x) dx}) = exp(-(1/8)*ln(x))... Read More »

How to find the ingredients of a liquid solution?

Not without a list of ingredients or a lab. If you have a decent nose or palate you can make educated guesses by tasting or smelling. I say this because this is the food topic. If you meant chem... Read More »