Find the error​,​​ its impos​sible​?

Answer you've written it in english... lol

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Why do so many people find it impossible to make a decent cup of tea?

Tea is such a wonderful thing that it can be taken in so many different ways. I once worked in an office where we had to have detailed instructions put up in the kitchen as to how everyone wanted ... Read More »

Do you find it impossible to use a stud finder, simply because it goes off every time you get near it?

So, are you saying you're a stud???Sorry to disappoint you, but they merely go off when in the presence of dense objects :-)

Find the error in these numbers?

How to Find Error Coins?

Through the years, many people have been fond of collecting stuffs like paper bills and various coins. However, coin gathering or collection may require adequate knowledge and skills because of its... Read More »