Find out if you are due beneifets from blue cross blue shield insurance?

Answer How do you file it with the IRS? Do you mean (maybe) SS? It certainly would be a prior or pre-exsisting condition, and also would have to claim or admit it on certain job applications, not all and ... Read More »

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If someone has anthem blue cross blue shield through his or her current employer can that person be added to their spouse's insurance which is also anthem blue cross blue shield?

I'm not positive on this since my license was in Home Owner's and Auto Insurance, but I think the answer is yes. If you both have a separate health insurance policy through your jobs, then each of ... Read More »

Does blue cross and blue shield health insurance cover abortions?

Yes, they do. At least the PPO plan does. It covers 85% of the cost if your deductible has been met.AnswerDepends if your PPO or HMO.AnswerI assume you mean elective. Yes.In every state, BCBS has a... Read More »

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance back pay bills?

AnswerI'm not sure what you mean by "back pay" if you mean "old" then yes they will pay old claims. Most policies have a timely filing limit but if you had a claim deny for information five years ... Read More »

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida allow insurance for a significant other?

Answer you can find a Florida Agent . Please note that CA law is restrictive on the definition of domestic partnerAnswerBlueCross BlueShield of Florida does offer coverage for domestic partners. Wh... Read More »