Find my real grand parents?

Answer in order to find your real parents talk to your foster parents and look through a phone book if you do not find it go on the internet and use your resources to contact your mom and dad put in the i... Read More »

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Not a real situation but if your girlfriend is going to have a baby how would you tell your parents and would they be really mad or just a little mad my parents arnt strict but please give an anserr?

if you are a minor, and still in school, and living at home, yeah id say your parents would be p!ssed on a level you have never even thought of.** The only way to tell them is- to tell them straigh... Read More »

How do you find your birth parents without hurting or offending your adoptive parents?

Yes ==but there isa more money in not adopting the kid. I would think it over. STATED BY AUTHOR

How to Convince Your Parents to Buy Grand Theft Auto 4 for You?

The following tips are JUST suggestions on part of the author and is no way considered to be a good thing to do.

I can't find the episode from Twilight Zone It was about a negect little boy who find a old man across the road and finally he was born to another parents?

Because the ratings had dropped causing it to be discontinued.