Find it very difficult to sleep tips?

Answer Now when they say about counting sheep, many people think it's a joke. The thing about it is, it's the most boring and tedious thing you can do, that eventually you get so bored that you become tir... Read More »

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Do you find it difficult to get out of bed and get going in a morning Here are some tips for an easy,?

Yes I do.....and thanks for the helpful tips!!!!Mine is mostly lack of sleep...I am kind of a night owl...and then have to be to work at 7:30am. So I need to go to bed sooner...and if I wasn't addi... Read More »

I'm finding it difficult to sleep at night?

Advicetime! Set up a routineGo to bed at a certain time each night. Keep it. Your body gets into a routine. Bed is for sleepingNot for reading, videogames, or knitting. You throw yourself off when ... Read More »

Fragmented sleep: Need tips on how to sleep longer continuously?

Sounds simple, Google "sleep hygiene" and compare your habits to ones that induce and maintain sleep.Start a journal for about a month and document events, inluences and irritations that could awak... Read More »

Parenting Tips for Difficult Children?

A child with an uncooperative personality can be very difficult to parent. This type of child may be emotionally volatile, physically violent, oppositional, or defiant. Common discipline techniques... Read More »