Find image universe comic character on wikipedia?

Answer There is not much that the Wikimedia Foundation can do about the poor quality of articles, as Wikipedia is only written by volunteers with no official coordination.Although there are articles such ... Read More »

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Can someone find a certain uncopied image and post it on wikipedia for me?

The image would have to be public domain, or you'd have to get permission from the creator. If you find such an image, supply a link to it in your question. If it were easy to find, someone proba... Read More »

How to Create a Comic Character?

Every comic needs a comic character. Without characters it's just scene after scene, but characters with no personality make the whole idea pointless! So how do you make good characters? Well...

Who was the first marvel comic character?

Founded in 1939 under the name Timely Publications, Marvel Comics #1 introduced the android superhero the Human Torch and the anti-hero Namor the Sub-Mariner. In 1941, the company introduced the fi... Read More »

How to Make a Comic Character Online?

Making a comic character, such as a superhero for a comic strip, online is very simple. There are quite a few websites that have free tools that allow you to quickly make a unique comic character. ... Read More »