Financial Aid Question?

Answer i think so i got financial aid when i took classes online.

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Financial aid question...?

I believe in order to continue to get a pell grant you need to go for a bachelors.Good Luck!!!

Financial Aid question for a friend?

Usually 4-6 weeks after classes start. I didn't get no damn financial aid money lol.

Imporant Financial Aid Question?

The 4310 is for the full year. From Aug to July usually. If you were not enrolled in most of these months full time, then you will not get the full amount. If you only go for half of the year, t... Read More »

Question about tax return, financial aid?

I appreciate your desire to have financial aid go to the right students-those who need it. The less we give away to those who do not have the need the more we have to give to those who do. Anyone... Read More »