Financial Help for Child Custody & Visitation Rights in Ohio?

Answer If you are concerned about your custody or visitation rights in Ohio, it is important to seek accurate legal advice from a professional. Attorneys are often costly, especially for a single parent s... Read More »

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Can you regain custody or visitation rights once parental rights have been terminated in Virginia after child has been adopted?

Ideally both parents would sit down and talk but it looks like that won't happen so depending on the resolve of the fathers parents, the case could end up in the courts, there is no way to tell wha... Read More »

Do the biological paternal grandparents have visitation rights after a child has been adopted in Ohio?

Answer Allowing such visitation would be totally at the discretion of the adopting parents.There is not a law that would force them to allow any relatives of the adopted child to continue a relati... Read More »

If the mother of a child has sole custody and the father has visitation rights can she give the child away to someone else besides the father without the fathers consent?

Answer No she can't. If her ex is a good man and a good father when he has visitation rights then she has no right to tear the child away from him. He can fight it in a court of law. Before one act... Read More »

If a father has custody and the mother has visitation rights does the father have the right to deny all access to the child because he is angry?

Answer No, court ordered visitation can only be revoked by the judge issuing the order (sometimes by an appeal to a higher court). The mother should insist her legal representative petition for a c... Read More »