Financial Aid...................HELP PLEASE!?

Answer It will give you the line to look on in the question for different tax forms, example you have a 1040 and it will say line 32 on the 1040, like 63 on the 1040ez and so on.

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Can someone please explain Financial Aid to Me?

LOAN! LOAN!! LOAN!!! Hello every body I am Mr Muhammed sudhakaran the chief executive officer (C.E.O) Muhammed loan company. We offer loan at low interest rate of 5% to individuals, traders, busin... Read More »

Question about financial aid.. please help!!!?

No, No, No. If your EFC is 0 than you are eligible for up to $5350 in grants. Usually you will get them all (5350.) (9 out of 10-if you were truthful on your app.-your school will probably ask for ... Read More »

Can someone please answer this financial aid question?

Yes. You might have to petition for it, but probably not.

Will someone read my financial aid appeal letter please?

i'm going to school for nursing, too!!! anyway, i think the letter sounds great but i would fix the last paragraph and the whole "i promise..." stuff. I wouldn't promise anything. it almost ruins t... Read More »