Financial Aid question for a friend?

Answer Usually 4-6 weeks after classes start. I didn't get no damn financial aid money lol.

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What Does This Mean........Financial Aid Question.........?

It is trying to say where you place on a range of places that are ordered lowest to highest that your place on one range is too high to qualify for the other range. You aren't in the narrow limits ... Read More »

Financial Aid Question?

i think so i got financial aid when i took classes online.

Question about financial aid.. please help!!!?

No, No, No. If your EFC is 0 than you are eligible for up to $5350 in grants. Usually you will get them all (5350.) (9 out of 10-if you were truthful on your app.-your school will probably ask for ... Read More »

Financial aid question...?

I believe in order to continue to get a pell grant you need to go for a bachelors.Good Luck!!!