Financial Aid in order to finish my degree?

Answer Hey lady! No one should ever think of slaughtering you for this question! Im currently in college trying to get my nursing degree...I know there is a TON of scholarships and financial aid for singl... Read More »

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I am about to finish the Stargate SG-1 series and have recently found out that there are 2 movies still out what is the correct order in which to watch them before i finish or after?

How can I get financial aide for myself to finish my classes when my student loan is in default?

If your loan is in default, you are not eligible for federal or state aid. However, you should contact the loan servicer or lender to see what you must do to clear the default. Generally, you mus... Read More »

How to Finish My Bachelor's Degree?

Whether you are returning to college later in life or starting right out of high school, the key to finishing your bachelor's degree is staying focused on your goals. When you finish your degree, y... Read More »

How long does it take to finish a master's degree?

It takes two years of full-time enrollment to earn most master's degrees. Some master's programs take an extra semester, and some can be completed in less time. If you are going to school part-time... Read More »