Financial Aid for Summer?

Answer You have to fill out the fafsa before March 2nd of 2010. Thats the deadline to get it in. Not all schools offer financial aid for summer terms so you might want to see if your school offers it for ... Read More »

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What's the most financial aid you can receive for summer . . PLEASE answer ?

if you got $2,155 last fall (fall 07) and the same this spring (spring 08) then you would have used the max amount of your pell and would not be able to get Pell this summer. (This does not mean y... Read More »

How do i apply for summer financial aid on fafsa?

Since you're pushing it, go to the FA office at the school you attend and get the FA Administrator to do this for you. I've found that you get a reply faster if you let the school process the appli... Read More »

Can i recieve financial aid(through fafsa) if i'm only taking a couple courses over the summer?

Fill out the FAFSA and find out what you can get. The 2007/2008 ENDS JUNE 30. The 2008/2009 STARTS JULY 1.

Where do i go looking for financial assistance for a summer camp in NY I live in Nebraska and it costs 7,000$?

If anyone can help you, it would be this agency.…