Financial Aid and Affirmative Action?

Answer "Generally speaking," it depends. LOL, that answer is so cliche but it is true. The amount of financial aid a student receives is correlated with the amount of money they make, which is tied to how... Read More »

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Does Wal-Mart need to comply with Affirmative Action?

Walmart is not a government. They do not have to follow anything. They could hire all whites, or all Asians and care less about others. The only thing they cannot do is discriminate against anyone ... Read More »

What is a Marine Corps affirmative response?

"Oorah" is the cry used by modern day Marines, but "Aye, Aye Sir" remains an accepted term.

List of Affirmative Defenses for Debt?

When a person defaults on various debt, such as a car loan or student loan, creditors have several options to pursue payment of the loan. Creditors may file lawsuits against those who have failed t... Read More »

How to Respond With an Affirmative Defense Answer to a Summons on a Credit Card Suit?

Not paying your credit card debt could leave you subject to legal action from the credit card company or a third-party collector. When a creditor sues you, it must provide you with a summons and co... Read More »