Financial Aid Options for College?

Answer The Chronicle of Higher Education website reports that 74 percent of graduates and 66 percent of undergraduates attending a college in the United States during the 2007 through 2008 academic year r... Read More »

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Hi people,how can i get financial help 4 a private college when i dont qualify 4 financial aid&my credit sucks?

1) Don't go to a private college then. If you can't afford it, then don't go. You can get just as great education from a state school.2) If you don't qualify for financial aid, talk to your school.... Read More »

What are my options for financial aid?

You are definitely going to have to get your GED before any college is going to admit you. Also why tell an employer that you didn't graduate? NOBODY is ever going to ask to see your diploma from h... Read More »

I can transfer my financial aid award from my college to a community college i don't want enroll in 4 year C?

No, you cannot transfer FA directly to another school. The amounts and types of aid vary depending on a number of factors, including the cost to attend. If you are transferring to a community coll... Read More »

How Do Options Reduce a Firm's Financial Risk?

Financial risk management is defined "as the measurement and the attempt to control trade-offs between risks and rewards in both profit-motivated enterprises and non-profit organizations," accordin... Read More »