Finance Lease Agreements?

Answer Most equipment and plants in commercial businesses today can be leased. Some lease agreements require the current owner (lessor) to transfer substantially all the risk and rewards associated with t... Read More »

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Land Lease Agreements?

A land lease is an arrangement in which a landowner agrees to lease property to a person interested in the land but not in buildings on the land. Many times there are no buildings on the land but a... Read More »

Lease Agreements in Alabama?

The laws protecting Alabama lease agreements are spelled out in the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, state property codes and court rulings. An Alabama lease agreement is a bind... Read More »

Lease Extension Agreements?

When a commercial or residential lease expires, tenants usually have the option of renewing or extending it. This can also be an opportunity for the tenant to renegotiate the terms of the lease wit... Read More »

Broken Lease Agreements?

Breaking a lease agreement is usually an expensive move for the tenant, who may be required to pay the balance of rent due for the term of the lease, even if they are no longer living in the rental... Read More »