Finance Job Descriptions?

Answer It's easy to categorize careers as a Wall Street investor or banker as finance careers, but multiple opportunities are available in finance that you might want to investigate. There are even specia... Read More »

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Finance Assistant Job Descriptions?

A finance assistant performs clerical duties for members of the accounting department. Finance assistants work in many industries, from hotels to hospitals to banks to government agencies. They ans... Read More »

Is a scrolling stock ticker better in Google Finance or Yahoo Finance?

On One Hand: Characteristics of Google FinanceGoogle Finance allows you to search for a company using a portion of the company name and will display the results as you type. You can also search by ... Read More »

DCF Job Descriptions?

Those who work for DCF, or the Department of Children and Families, assist people in solving personal and family problems. They encounter cases of abuse, unemployment and disability. They must advo... Read More »

NGO Job Descriptions?

From saving baby sea-turtles to teaching literacy in third-world countries, an NGO (non-governmental organization) launches humanitarian and ecological missions into the public conscience. An NGO--... Read More »