Final Fantasy X Blitzball Tips?

Answer "Final Fantasy X" -- a game from Square Enix for the Sony PlayStation 2 -- puts you in the shoes of Tidus, who must save the fantasy world of Spira from the evil Seymour Gaudo and a mysterious crea... Read More »

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How Do I Sign Wakka at Blitzball in Final Fantasy X?

Blitzball is a sport that takes place in the game world of "Final Fantasy X." Wakka, one of the main characters in FFX, retires from being a Blitzball player at the beginning of the storyline. Howe... Read More »

How to Sign Blitzball Players on "Final Fantasy 10"?

Blitzball is a fast-paced fictional underwater sport, played as a mini-game in the video game "Final Fantasy X." It is accessed through save points found around the world. Signing players to improv... Read More »

Where to Find Blitzball Recruits on "Final Fantasy X"?

As you play Blitzball, a mini-game in "Final Fantasy X," you will need to actively recruit the best players available for your level. It's impossible to tell if a non-player character in the game p... Read More »

How to Get Through Final Fantasy IV?

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